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Главная Вне железа Promotion of a Youtube channel by buying views
Promotion of a Youtube channel by buying views
Автор: Administrator   
11.09.2020 19:50

Many people today are promoting their channels on Youtube video hosting. As part of this promotion, especially at first, many people buy views. Therefore, in this post we will look at how it is safe and not very expensive to purchase views on Youtube. The main task is to explain to you what constitutes the price for these services. It will also talk about some of the tricks that allow you to choose the highest quality SMM service.

Promotion of a Youtube channel by buying views

Probably, it will not be a secret for you that many people resort to boosting views to promote their channels. This allows the video to rise in the rating. Therefore, now there are many offers where you can buy views on Youtube. Here are buy youtube views where you can do it inexpensively.

The average price for 1 thousand views is now about 60 rubles. This niche is already quite developed, many services are engaged in this, and therefore the prices have dropped to acceptable ones. However, not everyone works conscientiously.

What is the cost of the service?

  • The total cost includes advertising costs. Since there are many offers, it means that you need to stand out from your competitors and advertise yourself.
  • Common greed. The desire to earn more often turns into greed. Such a seller will not be able to buy cheap views.
  • Guaranteed no write-offs. This characterizes the service from a professional point of view. Typically, these sellers keep prices of services above average.
  • Proxy costs. This is done to make the promotion of views as safe as possible for your account.
  • The final price tag is influenced by various additional parameters that you set in your order. For example, views with or without hold. If you buy the first option, it will be more expensive.

You perfectly understand that buying views is a necessary and correct step for the development of a YouTube channel. Now you need to decide where to choose a seller so as not to get caught by scammers.

Read the reviews about these or those offices to understand what they are. For example, there are sellers who can make only 300-400 views instead of bought 1,000 views. For others, this may be the full volume of the order, but the views are low-quality and after a while the YouTube algorithm writes off them. It is clear that you learn some things only by using. But there are some points that you can pay attention to right away.

Rate the site itself. If the interface is well thought-out and convenient, then people have seriously got down to business and are engaged in high-quality services. Check the age of the domain where the site is located. Better to choose those that have been working for many years. See also that the site has the ability to pay for the services offered through popular payment systems. If the seller works with them, then he had to provide his data there, including a passport, checking account, and so on.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that you should never give access to your YouTube channel to service sellers. This is completely unnecessary for their work. It is enough to give only a link to the promoted video and your contact details.

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